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THIS IS A WEBSITE FOR HALF MORTALS AND WEREANIMALS ONLY! This is a website an awesome one at that. It can help people to find out things about m or p shifting. We know this is real cause we r one. so dont leave stupid, offensive comments about our kind. If u r not a wereanimal or halfmortal LEAVE NOW! This site is run by my bestest friend and I. She figured she was one about 4 years ago and I figuerd out i was one yesterday(7/15/2010). I am a werecoyote. And she is a werewolf. IF u r a wereanimal go to the next page. Especially if u just figured out that u r a wereanimal. This will be very helpful to you! If you have been one and know everything go to the next page anyway! There are helpful tips and new ways on doing things!

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